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AY11 Goals – Preparation

I am always excited to start a new fishing season.  Super nerd excited!  In Minnesota and Wisconsin the fishing openers are in the beginning/middle of May which is quite some time after the ice has melted off the lakes and rivers.  It drives me crazy to see all the open water and not be able to fish. On the flip side, the opener is bitter sweet because everybody and their grandmother is out and proves to be frustrating. So I patiently wait (not really).

This year I have prepared a summer preparation list, mainly focus on my rods and reels. I am a list guy.  I have a list for boating, down to motor or no motor.  Same goes for ice fishing, ATV and one without. The days I foolishly ignore my lists are the days I forget something. It also goes without saying I have a preparation list for each fishing season and trips. Lists, lists, lists…

For my summer list most of the tasks I go through aren’t difficult but rather time consuming.  I did do some research on what other folks recommend and have incorporated new steps this year (specifically back spooling).  I am more conscience of preparing as I have about 10 rod/reel setups. Well prepared gear usually leads to successful fishing. In addition back spooling will save me a bit of money. That means more lures or another rod & reel. If I don’t keep up the maintenance and track when I bought line, back spooled, etc. I’m not sure when to replace my “consumables”.  Think about it, each spool ~15 bucks a pop at a good price and 10 reels. Adds up, doesn’t it? This year I only had to by two spools which isn’t breaking the bank.

I’ve documented my steps and by all means their not comprehensive but for me it works.  Consider it a living document. If you have any suggestions, I’ll be glad to consider them for this list. Click here to read.

TODO: Write down a list of all my lists.


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