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VanDamnit!!!!!! This is likely what most of the anglers at the 2011 Bassmaster Classic were thinking this year about KVD and the fog. Anglers with a fighting chance, like Martens and Rook, were more worried about what VanDam was catching than on their own fish. To be fair, it didn’t help those guys were within boat lengths of KVD for the entire event.  That man psychs out the competition by skill alone. Although a lot of anglers say this, I do think KVD believes this, that it’s the fish he’s competing against, not the anglers.

What I liked about the event was the “back to basics” tactics used; crankbaits and spinnerbaits with a little bump and run. It stressed the fact that fundamentals and patients are key. Anglers fishing Lake Cataouatche had a grind but for most of them patients paid off not to mention fuel savings.  The run the Venice must of cost a small fortune, not only for the tournament but for all the practice time.

I’ve never been to a class but it’s gotta be a great time. All the anglers, vendors with new products, hall of famers and the hype. Must get a ton of swag. Following updates online through ESPN was a nice consolation. I liked the microblogging, the live weigh ins and BASSTrackk. My only criticism is there must be a better alternative than mobile phones for the updates on BASSTrackk. I get that mobile phone reception was poor but an event this large could have warranted better technology.  A lost opportunity for vendors like Cisco or HP to provide technology and sponsor the event.

All in all I would love to attend a Classic some day, but for now I stay glued to my PC yelling VanDamnit every time KVD puts the lights out.


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