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Rickroll’s Little Sister – Rebbecaroll

Rick Astley has been severely punished (via the Rickroll) on the big “I” Internet and it’s about time for a newcomer. Rebecca Black (or RB ask the kewl kids call her) has gone viral with close to 90m views on YouTube for her song “Friday”. Unbelievable catchy and truly annoying tune.  (Not sure I would even call this a tune.) The lyrics remind me how children’s books are written, Dick and Jane material. The only benefit to listening is if you forget how the days go, especially around the weekend, RB can fill you in. Apologies if this get’s stuck in the noodle. It hit me today, ironically Friday, that this could be the next “roll”. So, I just Rebeccarolled you. Be the first to Rebeccaroll your friends.



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