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I’ve got nothing interesting to add here other than I created this site to get my fishing and nerd groove on.  Stay tuned for updates.


I’m a nut for fishing.  It’s what I do, it comes natural and it’s an activity that I rarely evaluate based on my success.

A bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work.









Dubelyoo Name Clarification

If you’ve reached this site and are utterly confused, you’re likely not alone.  I am not an artist but I know of a dude who is and appears to be pretty saweeet called Dubelyoo.

Since 1996 or so I have owned the domain.  It was something that I thought of as unique and was convinced no one would want it or stumble upon it.  I assumed wrong.  There’s an artist that goes by the name Dubelyoo. Check him out at This guy is totally money. I like how his art tells a story. Begging for you to ask questions.

I feel a little bad that I have the domain considering but it was something I thought of on my own.  Just was dumb luck we both choose this.

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