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AY11 Plan

In my professional career I am expected to plan for everything. Planing for projects, budgets, meetings, parties as well and the unknown. I still have no clue how to plan for the unknown but it’s what’s expected. We plan to set expectations and complete what we set out to do on time and on budget. I figured […]

Cr-48 Updates #2

Audio: The .wav file format is not supported.  At first glance you may be wondering why I care.  I use Vonage’s voicemail trancription service.  They send you an email with the voicemail transcribed along with the actual vioce mail (.wav format) as an attachment.  All though .wav audio formats are “so 1990’s” it was something […]

Cr-48 Updates #1

Verizon: Setup was easy.  You have to provide credit card info, but that was to be expected.  Once it was setup bandwidth was used.  I disabled it to conserve. Chrome Update: On the first day I used the notebook Chrome was updated.  This was pretty brainless.  It was indicated by changing the wrench icon on […]

Chrome OS – Chrome Notebook (Cr-48)

To my amazement, I received one of the Cr-48 Chrome notebooks today (December 9th, 2010) via UPS.  I applied through a link that appeared on the ‘New Tab’ within Chrome with cautious optimism.  I did not find this link by chance, I had watched the announcement on Tuesday’s Chrome Event ( During the talk it wasn’t clear who […]