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Your First Rod & Reel

Some of my non-fishing friends often ask me what rod & reel setup they should buy for the one time of year they fish. This is hardly a straight forward question. It’s like asking a golfer to pick one club. Although this is tough for me I do think I have a good first setup. […]

Oar Length and Installation

I recently refinished the oars for my rowboat. When I put the oars back on I wanted to have a proper installation. Google provided a few suggestions and found a site that provided the nerd details that I was interested in. Of course I determined my oar length was a foot short after the fact; […]

Adam Carolla - Varsity Theater 2011-04-28

Get It On In Minneapolis #adamcarolla

My buddies and I, beer in hand perched in the upper balcony at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis last night, hung on every word spoken by the Man, Adam Carolla.  He likely will not pass through for quite some time so we took the opportunity. My first impression was of the crowd.  I expected a […]

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For Reel, No Reel, Reely?

There’s something missing in this picture. The sentiment is nice. Grandfather and grandson fishing on a sunny day getting a bite. But let’s see, how are they going to reel in that … Huston we have a problem. This was found on the back cover of a major fishing magazine. I would have love to […]

Rickroll’s Little Sister – Rebbecaroll

Rick Astley has been severely punished (via the Rickroll) on the big “I” Internet and it’s about time for a newcomer. Rebecca Black (or RB ask the kewl kids call her) has gone viral with close to 90m views on YouTube for her song “Friday”. Unbelievable catchy and truly annoying tune.  (Not sure I would […]


VanDamnit!!!!!! This is likely what most of the anglers at the 2011 Bassmaster Classic were thinking this year about KVD and the fog. Anglers with a fighting chance, like Martens and Rook, were more worried about what VanDam was catching than on their own fish. To be fair, it didn’t help those guys were within boat lengths […]

AY11 Goals – Preparation

I am always excited to start a new fishing season.  Super nerd excited!  In Minnesota and Wisconsin the fishing openers are in the beginning/middle of May which is quite some time after the ice has melted off the lakes and rivers.  It drives me crazy to see all the open water and not be able […]

Enter to Win a Mercury Marine Engine

I ran across this contest a couple of days ago.  All you have to do is agree to the terms and give them your name, email and zip-code.  Easy enough.